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Taking all the best cues from the 1980s and on, Toronto’s own City Circuits make their own new retro sound through synth-driven rhythm and bass, infectious guitar hooks, and catchy lyrics. Through the talents of David Smith (Main Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Synth), Jonathan Smith (Drums, Back-Up Vocals) and Corey Biot (Lead Guitar), the band has brought Modern Retro into the Indie and Alt-Rock foray. 


Playing together since high school, brothers David and Jon wanted to continue with their undeniable music and writing chemistry as a band. As the duo began to form their retro sound, lead guitarist Corey helped hon it as the now complete trio played shows all around Toronto. 


In 2018, the band released their first six-song EP, If Your Heart Is Open. This EP showcases the trio’s ability to craft upbeat and catchy numbers or even slow things down for a more intimate acoustic style, as shown on “Stay the Night.” Subsequently, City Circuits have released many singles, most recently “Anybody Else (Not You)” in 2022.


Be sure to catch all of City Circuits’ exciting music on Spotify and YouTube. Also, follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on exciting announcements, including new releases and news.


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