The tight & bright explosiveness of emotion, melody and sincerity you hear in the music of City Circuits echoes proud & loud from the unified core of the band and their shared vision of the music they make.  Bonded by brotherhood, the band is fueled by the talents & skills of David Smith (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Jonathan Smith (Drums, Vocals), Corey Biot (Lead Guitar) and Paul Rossi (Bass) quickly making a name for themselves in one of Canada’s most infamous music-scenes where they’re based in Toronto, ON.


With songs that genuinely reflect the passion, heart and determination in City Circuits – these guys pack authenticity into their sound in a way that resonates deep within us all.  You can hear the deep appreciation they have for the opportunity to play & make music together by the way they weave their melodies, music & words together in comforting, natural progressions that sound like they were always inside of them beforehand & just waiting to get out into the world.


Their time is NOW.  City Circuits has officially launched onstage and online and are making their presence known throughout the scene in Toronto and to the world awaiting via internet.  The four musicians are currently pouring every ounce of their time into making music that’s truly meant to last – and they’ve been taking every measure possible to stack their songs with relentlessly entertaining tones & textures in effort to do so.  The music of City Circuits makes a powerful & memorable impact…because it all comes from a place of genuine sincerity and true love of the craft – and the people are responding to their music…because it’s REAL.


Real as the moment they’re in…real as the dreams they share…real as the hard-work, effort and love they put into their songwriting.  City Circuits are looking to take their indie-rock/alternative sound to the next-level and lead the way to a style of music that really means something to people out there.  Appreciating every moment of the journey along the way – the best part of their entire experience is getting to share the music and excitement with each and every one of YOU out there.


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